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TJ Anderson's Central PA Lions Academy is a youth basketball program designed for student-athletes in grades K-12 to develop skills on and off of the court, and to take their game to the next level. The academy offers various opportunities for development through camps, shooting clinics, AAU and Travel teams, and programs designed specifically for student-athletes in grades K-2nd and 3rd-6th. 


The academy has served student-athletes since 2011 when the program first began as the Huntingdon Cats Youth Basketball. In 2014 the academy was renamed the JV Stingers Basketball Academy Program, and finally in 2020, the academy reorganized and became TJ Anderson's Central PA Lions Academy.


Rich in coaching experiences, knowledge of the game, and community involvement, the academy is a premiere program designed to improve the student-athletes' experience and skill set.  


Season Mission

For the season, we will put a team of confident and mentally tough student-athletes on the floor of every game, that finishes the season with a .500 winning pct. or higher, that defeats opponents through superior skill and teamwork in execution of our offense and defense. 


Our vision is to build an excellent youth basketball program in Central PA.  To accomplish this, we need to continue to invest in key areas and aspire to excellence in academics and character, as well as athletics.  We are committed to competing with class, and ask that our parents and fans cheer with the same intensity and class that our student-athletes will show.

Team Culture

"Excellence then is not an act, but a habit."  Excellence begins with student-athletes committed to habits that make the team and themselves better every time they practice and play.  Excellence comes from practices that are well planned and focused on execution of student-athlete skills and team tactics to the ultimate level possible.  Excellence comes from student-athletes and coaches respecting each other' roles, abilities, knowledge, and commitment to each other. 

"Winning is a conscious decision made everyday."  Winning begins with the decision to be nothing less than excellence in playing the game of basketball every time we play. 

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